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An Instrument to Detect Damage in Wire Ropes

MD-20 Wire Rope Tester   Meraster S.A. instrument for NDT wire rope inspection examination non-destructive testing of wire ropesThe MD 20 / MD 25 Wire Rope Tester is a simple to use instrument to test the condition of small diameter ropes. It indicates the occurrence of rope defects that exceed the set level of detectability.

 It can also be used as a sensor head connected to the more advanced MD120 or MD121 Defectograph, which determines defects more accurately, or can be connected to computer with MDNV USB Data Logger or to a general purpose recorder. H-versions, i. e. MD-20H and MD-25H versions are intended for tester application as a test head, where additional LMA channel output is provided for recording.

The instrument is designed to detect stepwise defects such as wire breaks and localised corrosion.

It is intended for quick tests and can be used even by non-skilled personnel. Provided with a handle and light in weight, it can be used as a hand-held instrument during visual inspection to ensure that no important defect is missed and that any damage inside a rope is detected. The instrument can also be fixed in position (i.e. not hand held). Any signaling of serious defects identified by the tester means that the rope's condition should be checked by an expert.

md20-30m.jpg - 7100 BytesOperation
The instrument's operation is based on the permanent magnet magnetic, a world renowned method developed by the Academy of Mining and Metalurgy in Cracow. During the rope's passage through the tester defects are signalled by a beep sound, a yellow light-emitting diode flashing and a red LED operates, remaining on until the instrument is switched off, using the on-off switch. If there are no defects in rope that exceed the detection value set, then the green LED is illuminated

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