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Optional Hardware and Software for PC
to use PCMCIA Option of the MD120 Defectograph


Wire rope inspection using PC Card and computerPCMCIA Memory Cards
SRAM 1 MB  600 m test of ropes
SRAM 2 MB  1200 m test of ropes
SRAM 4 MB 2400 m test of ropes

Note: Recorded data can be also replay without PC, with MD120 Defectograph only.


Graphical Software for PC

 MD120PRE_PLUS Software for PC (Windows9x/ME/NT/XP) Software for reading and viewing test records which are copied from Memory Cards to the PC hard disk. Application features scaling, zooming, reporting, export, etc. Memory cards should be copied to the hard disk at direct byte level.
(3.5'' diskette)

Hardware independent PCMCIA Software
for notebook or desktop, equipped with PCMCIA/PC Card slot

Application for reading and writing SRAM memory cards at direct byte/word level (CD-R)


Additional equipment for your desktop PC

 PCMCIA Card Drive Peripherals for desktop PC

 ELAN J-series card drives for ISA bus
 ELAN P-series card drives for PCI bus Fax: ++48 32 376 7900 Phone: ++48 32 271 6231
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